Our X2O Water Repellent Spray can be applied on ANY electronics
Click on pictures below for more specific applications
Tips on Application
1. Gently clean the surface before applying X2O water repellent spray. It works better without some dust or dirt.

2. Spray for 1 second evenly on the surface. No need to spray too much on the same spot since the liquid coating will evenly spread on the device.

3. After waiting for 15 minutes, use tissue to clean the excess liquid for IPX4 water protection. For IPX7 water protection, if you opened the case and sprayed on the inside of the device, no need to clean the remaining liquid on battery or PCB board etc. It works better with some coating on electronic parts.

4. For small electrical openings like charging ports, headphone port and USB port, make sure the spray liquid fully covers the port.

5. The Nano coating has self-recover function. It will automatically recover the damaged coating cracks caused by regular usage.

Tips on IPX4 & IPX7 Water Protection
1. IPX4 waterproof protection protects your electronic device from splash of liquid from any angles for few minutes. For example, the device will not be damaged if you splash some coffee or tea on it.

2. IPX7 waterproof protection protects your electronic device from submersion of 1m deep water, for at least 30 minutes. For example, the device will not be damaged if you drop it into the washing sink. You can pick it up and dry it with a tissue. The electronic device is unharmed.

3. IPX4 and IPX7 waterproof protection is for accidental prevention, not for swimming. Even if you applied X2O water repellent spray, you cannot take photos with your device when diving or swimming.

4. IPX7 application is more advanced since you need to open the device and spray on PCB boards, battery, sim card, all electronic openings. Therefore, we recommend customers consult electronic professionals for IPX7 application.
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